Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Small Family

The house is quiet. Too quiet. It may be because I'm the only one awake, but it feels so empty and quiet, because now I am the eldest sibling at home. Yes, I'm the 6th of 7, but from now on I will be the oldest living at home. It's all too strange - and I miss my siblings! Being one of the youngest may have many advantages, but it also has many disadvantages, this one of the greatest. All my older siblings go off and leave, and I've watched them go one by one.

Lydia was the first to go this fall. She's been home and gone now for two years, to a Bible school in Colorado, a French school in Quebec, and an internship in West Africa. I still miss her when she leaves, however. This time she's off to college in Toccoa Falls, Georgia. She's most likely majoring in music, with perhaps a minor in Outdoor Education.

I miss her when she's gone. I miss all the games she'd play with Jubilee and I. I miss her caring ways and humbleness. I miss her cheerfulness... And yes, I could go on.

Elijah left with the parents yesterday afternoon. My big brother Elijah, off to college! It is so hard to believe. He's going to LeTourneau University in Texas, and will be majoring in Computer Engineering. I'm excited about all the opportunities he'll have to learn, but it's sad to see him go.

I'm going to miss him a lot. In age, he and I are the closest, and we've been close pretty much our whole life. We've done so much together... and now he's gone and I'll be doing it on my own. I'll have to drive myself, with him no longer here to act as chauffeur. I'll have to get my own doors, and will miss his gentlemanliness greatly. I'll miss our talks, from things ranging from his latest computer update to what I want to do when I get older. He's taught me so much computer jargon, yet I'm still lost when he excitedly tells me that Ubunutu Dapper Drake 1.02 or such has come out! =) I'm just plain going to miss him. I hope our computers don't have too many problems while he's gone... He always kept them in such tiptop shape!

Now our family seems so small. Two parents and two children, the perfect family of 4 some may say! But, I always did like our family of 9, though there was only a few times when all of us lived in the same house. Now with two siblings married, and 7 nieces and nephews, our family is far from small when we all get together! But, now only Jubilee and I live at home, and this big house is so empty. What will I do as the oldest at home?


Miriam Rebekah said...

Wow, even though I know it's hard to let a sibling go, it's probably even harder for you because there are only 2 of y'all now, while there is still 5 of us siblings living at our house.
You can ask your Dad to open your doors now, if he's close by. :)

Charity Grace said...

I could only count 6 kids in your, Jubilee, Elijah, Lydia, and your 2 married siblings. Did I miss something?
:-) I know you have 7 kids in your family and this is driving me crazy! :-)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I only have two siblings, and we are all still home. I can't exactly empathize, but I do sympathize with you. I always miss my sister a good deal when she is gone for a couple weeks.

Susan said...

That's so sweet that Elijah opens doors for you!

My computer-saavy brother moved to Seattle, which is not convenient for tech-help! I'm used to just having Hannah and me at home (plus we only had 3 siblings to begin with. . . ), since he moved onto GA Tech's campus at 17. I still wish he was closer, though :(.

Erin said...

There is just my brother and I. My parents would of loved to have had more children, but mom was not able to. She barely had us. I can't imagine life without my big brother. He's such a nice guy even though he picks on me in that brotherly way!

lioness_for_Him said...

I somewhat understand how that is. I was really close with my cousin Sarah, and now she's married, with a precious little baby (she really is a dear, sweet thing). And my friend (hah, also named Sarah) is in college. She said she'd visit once a month, but I'm used to seeing her twice a week. It's not quite the same.

And my own brother will be going to college soon. It's sad to think about it, since he plans to go out of state, and won't be able to visit except on holidays.

But I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have six other siblings and then gradually come to realise that there's only one other left. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Miriam: Daddy usually does open doors when he's around, but I was with a Elijah a whole lot more than daddy, since Elijah was around during hte day.

Chartity Grace: You missed my sister Miriam (yes, same name as my good friend). She's 26 and lives and works near us. It's nice, because she comes over fairly frequently to do things with us.

Elizabeth: It must be nice to have thme at home!

Susan: Yes, he's so kind! Elijah's only 17 as well, until September.

Erin: Older brothers are so wonderful! I don't know what I would have done without mine.

Lioness_For_Him: Yes, it is quite strange now to realize that I'm the oldest one left at home. I remember the days when we were all little and together so well... I'm starting to sound old! =)

thepatriot15 said...

I think this Fall I will start experiencing the... umm, responsibilites of being the oldest. Emily is hoping to get a job so I could be the One In Charge pretty soon! Scary! Though I won't exactly be lonely, since there will still be my four younger brothers at home...

Ella said...

I wish that I could be in the same position as you, Anna. There is only my brother and me, but I wish there were more. I do love doing things with him, except seeing how tall he is. He's my big little brother.:-)