Monday, August 28, 2006

Hart's Happenings

Well, it may be quiet around Anna's house, but not around mine. I think the only quiet time in this house is when everyone is asleep. Tonight our homeschool band is going to be playing at the EFCA Orientation. EFCA is our legal church school covering, and the orientation is just to go over the different things that will be open for homeschoolers this next school year. We're going to be playing before the meeting, and then after the meeting there are tables that advertise the different activities. Normally I just wander around with Anna looking at tables and talking to people we know.

Tomorrow morning we're going to a funeral. My grandfather's wife died yesterday and we're going to be busy. Though I'm really sorry that she died, I have to admit that I never really knew her, so I don't feel very sad. I don't want to appear as unfeeling, but well...
Our grandfather took it better than we expected and my dad stayed the night with him.

I know I don't post often, but Anna more than makes up for it. :) But I'll try to be better!

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