Friday, August 11, 2006

Friends Through the Years

Our families met when we were very small. In 1994, the Lofgren family moved to Alabama, and the Harts were there to help them move in. Our families had somehow met, probably through home schooling, and for a while after the Lofgrens moved, we both went to the same church. We don't remember much of each at the time, but every once-in-a-while, we would be able to play together, and that was always at lot of fun! We lived 45 minutes apart, and still do, so especially when we were young, we didn't get to see each other that often.

One thing that our families always did was the semi-annual camping trips! Almost every spring and fall, we would get together, with a lot of other families, and go camping for the weekend. Our very first one was when we were 5 or 6. As we got older, we often were allowed to share a tent, which was always great fun!

Our brothers, Joel and Elijah were slightly older than us, and we would play games and hang out together. We haven't been able to get together, just the foursome, in a long time because of different schedules and lots of business. Elijah soon goes off to college, so things will be quite different around here. However, we try to find every opportunity to be together!

Anna: When I was 12, and Miriam was soon-to-be 12, we started playing in the home school band. My siblings, Lydia and Elijah had played in it for years, but I hadn't really wanted to until I learned that Miriam and Joel were going to be in it that fall! I decided that I too would play, and decided that the flute was my favorite instrument, which, incidentally, was what Miriam was going to play as well. I eagerly walked into band the first day, excited to see Miriam... but she wasn't anywhere to be seen. I soon learned that she was a part of the band in Montgomery, while I was apart of the one in Prattville. It was disappointing, but I quickly started enjoying band, because the flute was so fun! We still play the flute, and are now in the advanced band. Thankfully, there's now only one band, in Prattville, so every Thursday Miriam and I have been able to see each other, and it has become the highlight of our week.

Miriam: I remember feeling so sorry for Anna. Walking in to band and me not being there! I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to do it together, but the last 3 years have absolutely made up for it!

Our friendship started growing pretty fast when we were 12, as we began to email each other quite a bit! It was fun to have a friend to write to, and whenever we actually got to see each other, for band concerts or home school events, we had the greatest time!

The summer Anna turned 13, our families began to have a home fellowship together. For a few months, it was just our 2 families, but after a while our church grew to be around 7 families. Each Sunday we would either meet at someone's house or at a park, and spend almost the entire day together. We'd have service in the morning, eat lunch, and then often times have the whole afternoon to spend time together. We both quickly became inseparable, and we were so glad to finally find a soul mate and kindred spirit, after not really finding any lasting friendships. We also found close friends in the other families of our fellowship, and pretty soon there were 5 of us, and we named our group The Circle of Friends. Such memories we've made! =) Last year our home church began to diminish, and last spring it totally dissolved. All of our families had become very busy, and the distances between us (up to an hour and 45 minutes for some) had become just too far to drive. We miss all the wonderful fellowship we had, but thank God for the wonderful 2 ½ years we did have together!

We are alike...yett very different. We are pretty much opposite in looks, Anna's big bluish eyes and shorter reddish/brown hair, to Miriam's small greenish/hazel eyes and long medium brown hair, but because we are so close in spirit, we're often asked if we're sisters.

Anna was much taller than Miriam for most of their growing up, but last year she began to grow, as Anna stopped growing, and she is now only an inch shorter, and may surpass Anna in height still! Our personalities are somewhat different, yet still somewhat the same. Over the years we've kinda rubbed off on each other! Miriam grew up with a lot of brothers - 5 in fact, and 1 sister, and Anna grew up with 4 sisters and 2 brothers, so Miriam turned out a little more of a tomboy, especially when she was younger, while Anna was almost always more of a girly-girl. We both have the personalities of middle children, yet she has a little bit of oldest in her, being the oldest girl, and Anna may have a smackling of youngest in her, due to the 5 years between her younger sister and her.

Miriam and Anna have always gotten along. Guess we were just made for each other! We've never been in a fight, and have always enjoyed being with the other.

We're both somewhat of romantics, but Anna more so than Miriam. Miriam kinda helps balance out Anna hopeless romanticism! =) Anna's a bit more expressive, especially in the area of writing, so if you notice more posts by Anna on this blog, don't be surprised!

We're both maidens waiting on God for true love, and are committed to not dating until we are ready to be married. It's wonderful to have found another with much of the same convictions, and it's been great to have the encouragement of the other.

Miriam's favorite color is blue, while Anna's is pink, so we decided that for this blog, a template of purple, a color made from mixing blue and pink was very appropriate! Thanks so much to Elijah for helping us put this together!

Miriam and Anna have now united to do this double blog, and we hope you will be encouraged as you read about our daily lives and thoughts on different things.


Alex Jordan Harris said...

I'm looking forward to your work together, girls!

The Rebelution has updated its link.

Ella said...

How fortunate you are ot have this close relationship!! I agree with you on the waiting for true love until marriage!!!! It's hard to find that outlook these days.

I can't wait to see how this dual blog turns out!

Kristin said...

I'm eagerly waiting for future posts! I'll be updating Beauty from the Heart's link shortly.

Claire said...

Lovely blog, girls! You two remind me a Anne and Diana, in a way...kindred spirits, you know?

I too am looking forward to your dual blog here. ;)

Your Friend,

Samantha C. Brooks said...

Great idea, you too starting a blog together! I like the name, Maidens of Worth, it's pretty! It's amazing how God blesses us with great friendships like the one you two share. Also, for the part about people thinking you too are sisters, if I didn't know ya'll, I'd think that too! hehe.

thepatriot15 said...

Looking forward to more posts, girls!

Anna Naomi said...

Alex and Kristin: Thanks for linking to us! We also look forward to doing this together.

Ella: I am very blessed to have such a close friend in Miriam... I longed and prayed for such a friend for years before we got this close. God is so good!

Claire: Yes, we are in a way like Anne and Diana! We've truly found a kindred spirit in each other.

Samantha: Glad you like the name! Yes, Miriam and I are very much like sisters in the way we act... Most people who don't know us assume we are!

Jen: I'm looking forward to it too! =)

lioness_for_Him said...

Wow. That's so neat to be such close friends... I must say, I'm half-envious!
I can't say how much I look up to both of you. It's good to know that there are kindred spirits, even on the internet!

Much love.

Anna Naomi said...

I know how you feel, Lioness for Him. Before Miriam and I started seeing each other a lot and grew closer together, I used to be so lonely. There were on girls "soul mate material" =) at my old church, and I often felt so abnormal. I thought that one only had friendships like these in story books, until Miriam and I started growing closer...